Peddling & Solicitation


The Borough of Phoenixville requires all persons engaging in Peddling or Soliciting to obtain a license from the Phoenixville Police Department.  All individuals must comply with Borough of Phoenixville Code Chapter 13, Part 7.


Permits can be obtained for:

  •   Year - $250 / per individual
  •   Month - $100 / per individual
  •   Day - $25 / per individual
  •   Week - $50 / per individual

Download the Application 

Please Note:  As of March 16, 2020, the PUC suspended all door-to-door and in-person energy sales or marketing until the end of the declared emergency. 

As such, the Borough has rescinded existing licenses and is not issuing new ones

All Active Peddler Permits
Name Company Expiration