Water Treatment

Public Works is responsible for the treatment of the drinking water for the Borough of Phoenixville.

Plant Upgrades

The Borough of Phoenixville Water Treatment Plant is currently undergoing an extensive capital projects upgrade. These and other capital projects are employed in a 5-year outlay to keep the water treatment plant and its processes in the best operational conditions for the future of the water system. We continue to strive to deliver the best quality water to our residents.

We are switching our disinfection process equipment with an on-site Hypochlorite Generation system, replacing the use of Chlorine Gas (One Ton Containers). This eliminates the possibilities of a catastrophic event; if there were a release of the gas, no danger of life-threatening circumstances would be created. On-site generation of Hypochlorite is a much safer technology.

We have replaced our sludge collection system and added Plate Settlers to our Settling Basins. This addition will enhance our finished water quality.

Filter Plant Control Processes Upgrade

Additionally, we have upgraded our Filter Plant control processes with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). This will allow the treatment process to be automated in controlling all chemical feed systems, as well as pump operations to be synchronized when plant flows are adjusted for storage capacity.

Water Quality Reports

View the 2022 Water Quality Report