Snapology Summer Camps

Snapology STEAM Camps combine the fun of legos with different themes that campers are certain to enjoy.  3 weeks to choose from!

Junior Engineers

Young builders create fun and unique models using special engineering DUPLO® bricks. By playing with and manipulating the models, they experience pulleys, levers, gears, wheels and axles while exploring energy, buoyancy, and balance. Classes include free-building time to promote creativity and exploration with the engineering bricks.

When: June 13-17


Ages: 4-7,

Cost: $160



Combat Robots

Inspired by BattleBots, your master builder will try to build the strongest and most agile robot, to win a head-to-head combat mission! Come learn engineering strategies for building sturdy structures using LEGO® bricks and then apply that knowledge to build a robot for friendly competition.  You'll have a blast as you customize your robot for our daily competitions, such as robot football and the hoop challenge.

When: August 15-19


Ages: 7-14

Cost: $160




Come join Snapology for Pokemania! Students will build and explore the world of Pokemon as they create their own gyms, battles, and even their very own generation of Pokemon. Children will also learn about real world science as they learn about the habitats of the Pokemon. Your child will have a blast becoming the best Pokemon trainer ever!

When:August 22-26


 Ages: 5-12

Cost:  $140