Community Garden

The Northside Community Garden: Year One Plan

Stop by the garden sometime this year, especially on the weekend, expectCommunity Garden Diagram (JPG) Opens in new window to see volunteers working on various projects designed to make it a truly unique and beautiful place. By the beginning of the gardening season, there will be ten garden plots constructed of repurposed concrete blocks. In between the plots, stones and pavers will create an informal walkway. Wood pallets will be collected and repurposed to create garden essentials such as benches to sit on, fences to keep critters out of the plots, compost bins, and workstations. 

We hope the community will be able to enjoy many of the art pieces planned for the site. But, the most anticipated project is the archway wall at the North entrance. It will be made of reclaimed glass bottles and its construction will be well under way by the time the garden reaches its first birthday.

Get Involved

To get involved with the Garden, or reserve a future plot email the Community Garden.