Steelworks - Final

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Project Name: Steelworks

Location: 537 through 551 Bridge Street

Applicant: Steelworks Acquisition, LP

Application Date: 4/16/2021

Status: Recommended for approval by Planning Commission on 2/10/2022 to be considered by Borough Council on 3/8/2022.

Summary:  This project proposes the demolition of all buildings on the 5-acre site; construction of a mixed-use development consisting of 375 multifamily residential units, 40,600 square feet of commercial space among 5 units; a 22,000 square foot semi-open piazza; the improvement of a portion of Hall Street southwest of Bridge Street; and Bridge Street streetscape improvements including relocating all utilities underground. 370 parking spaces on the ground floor are for the exclusive use of the residential units. 241 parking spaces on the first floor are for retail use, and open to the public.