Traffic Calming

The Phoenixville Police Department conducts traffic survey studies within our jurisdiction to determine if speed enforcement is needed, to determine if traffic calming measures are required, or to assess the volume of vehicles on a given road at specific times. Survey studies may be requested from elected officials, departmental heads and the public as well.

Studies are usually conducted for seven (7) days to obtain accurate data during weekdays as well as weekends; devices run 24 hours a day at the stationary position.

Requested Location Date Completed Results Recommendations
Washington Avenue 12/19/2022 View Report Average speed = 18.68 mph in 25 mph zone; no action needed
400 Block Grant Street 12/05/2022 View Report Average speed = 15.8 mph in 25 mph zone; no action needed
Buchanan & Brower 11/17/2022 View Report Average speed = 17.7 mph in 25 mph zone; no action needed
Starr Street 12/13/2022 View Report Average speed = 31.5 mph in 25 mph zone; Police conducted traffic enforcement details over next 14 days with citations and warnings given 
Valley View Circle 02/08/2023 View Report Average speed = 18.2 mph in 25 mph zone; no action needed
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