Phoenixville Plastic Bag Ban

Beginning on January 1, 2025, commercial establishments in Phoenixville Borough are prohibited from providing single-use plastic carry out bags and non-compliant paper bags to customers.

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Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance



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On January 9, 2024, the Borough of Phoenixville’s Councilmembers passed an ordinance prohibiting retail establishments from providing single-use plastic bags and non-recycled paper bags to their customers beginning January 1, 2025.

The use of single-use plastic bags has numerous severe environmental impacts, including increasing greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that by 2030, plastic production will surpass coal for climate change impact. Plastics also contribute to litter, add to ground level ozone formation, acid deposition, and solid waste generation, as well as harm wildlife. Microplastics can enter the human body through ingestion and inhalation where they may be taken up in various organs and can affect health. The goals of the Councilmembers in passing this ordinance are to conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste, litter, and water pollution, and to protect the public health and welfare.

Enforcement of this ordinance will not occur until 6 months after enactment, to allow establishments to prepare for this change and use up any old inventory of plastic bags.

Consumers can do their part to help the environment by bringing their own reusable bags when they go shopping.

Retail establishments are required to post signs informing customers that single-use plastic bags and non-recycled paper bags will no longer be provided. These signs should also explain what type of bags and purchases are impacted by the ordinance. To help meet this requirement, we have designed a sign suitable for your use. You can access it here; there will also be a limited supply of printed signs available at Borough Hall.

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