What is the process for bulk item pickup?

Bulk items will only be picked up on Mondays.

The deadline for scheduling a Monday pickup will be at 12:00 PM on the previous Friday. 

To schedule a bulk pick up payment must be made in advance and can be done over the phone please call (610) 933-8801 Ext. 110 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday-Friday.

Metal items will still be collected at no charge.

Pricing for Bulk Item Pickup: See Schedule of Fees

Examples of Each Item By Size:

Small Items:

• Baby Strollers
• Coffee Tables
• Ottoman
• High chair

Medium Items:

• Basketball backboard
• Dresser
• Ping Pong Table
• Crib

Large Items:

• Love Seat
• Recliner
• Box Spring
• Mattress (all sizes)**

**Please Note: All mattresses must now be wrapped in a mattress bag by the resident. Bags of this size can be found online or at your local hardware store.

For a full list of items that can be picked up, view the list here.

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