Report a Problem with a State Road


We hate to the State roads in our Borough in disrepair!

Let PennDOT know when there is an issue with a road by calling:
1-800-FIX- ROAD

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State-maintained Roads in the Borough:

Route 113:

  • Bridge Street from Gay Street to Nutt Road to West Bridge
  • Kimberton Road over Nutt Road (Rte. 23)
  • Franklin Street to Emmett Street
  • Emmett Street to Dayton Street
  • Dayton Street to Freemont Street
  • Freemont Street to Black Rock Road (Freemont Street becomes Black Rock Road)

Route 23:

  • Route 23 is also known as Nutt Road, and all sections of Nutt Road within the Borough limits are state-maintained.

Route 29:  

  • Starr Street from Bridge Street to Nutt Road
  • Starr Street from Bridge Street to Manavon Street
  • Manavon Street from Starr Street to Nutt Road
  • South Main Street (at Nutt Road) to the Borough limits at West Pothouse Road