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As an accredited PLEAC organization, Phoenixville police officers take pride in responding quickly and efficiently to the needs and expectations of the public. The departmental goal is to safeguard the constitutional rights of all citizens, including those prosecuted for crimes, to reduce crime, arrest offenders, recover stolen property, maintain the public peace and ensure the safe use of the Borough’s roadways. Police Department employees are held to the highest professional standards, both on and off duty.

Accreditation is the ongoing process whereby agencies evaluate policy and procedure against established criteria and have compliance with that criteria verified by an independent and authoritative body. The criteria, or standards, are policy development guidelines that represent a level of quality service delivery. The true indicator of compliance, however, lies with an evaluation of trained, independent professional peers. The establishment of meaningful and professional standards and an evaluation of compliance to those standards are, therefore, the two fundamentals of an accreditation program.

The Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC) consists of a Commission appointed by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, after nomination by the four Regional Chiefs of Police Associations. Personnel from the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association provide support services to the Commission. The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency serves as the coordinating and funding agency for Commission activities. The Commission membership is tasked by their respective associations and agencies with developing and maintaining a formal accreditation process specific to the needs of Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies. This mandate requires the development of a comprehensive set of professional standards.

The standards developed are the basis of an accreditation program that affects every component of the agencies involved. Through the dedication to service and professionalism evidenced by the attainment of accredited status, law enforcement agencies can positively affect the communities they serve.