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The Borough of Phoenixville Ordinance states you will be allowed to use only the toters provided to you by the Borough. The Borough provides one trash and one recycling toter. Each resident may purchase one additional trash and one additional recycling toter per household (four toters in total per household). 

Resident Responsibilities

If your trash toter is lost or stolen, you are responsible for purchasing a replacement. Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their toters. Please hose them out to maintain them. Trash and recycling must be placed in your toter for pick up. Plastic bags left on the ground will not be picked up.

Toter Exchange

Residents can exchange 65-gallon toters with 35-gallon toters if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Any resident over the age of 65
  • Any resident with a physical disability
  • Any resident with obstructed access to the rear of property for storage

Trash Collection: On Schedule 

How to Recycle your Cartons

Learn more by visiting Carton Council

Recycling for Businesses and Institutions