Non-Metal Items

Will be picked up curbside on your regular trash day. In addition to your toter(s), you are allowed 5 Bulk items that should be placed next to your toters. Examples of bulk items:

  • Box spring
  • Love seat
  • Mattress 
    • (Please Note: that mattresses must now be bagged in special mattress bags. The landfill will no longer accept unwrapped mattresses.)
  • Sofa
  • Table, etc.

Not Accepted

  • No construction clean outs
  • No metal items

Metal & Appliance Items

Appointments are needed for curbside pickup of metal items. For an appointment call 610-933-8801, ext. 110.

Refrigerators & Air Conditioners

Must be certified Freon Free. Contact your local appliance dealer to get certification. Once certified, call to schedule a curbside pickup at 610-933-8801, ext. 110.

Televisions (TV) & Computer Devices

All TVs and Computer devices cannot be placed in the regular trash stream collection, they must be recycled. TVs can be recycled at most stores or dealerships that sell them, free of charge. As for computer devices, they can be recycled at Staples free of charge. 

Lanchester Landfill

TVs, computers and computer monitors are also accepted at the Lanchester Landfill located at:
7224 Division Highway
Narvon, PA 17555
Phone: 610-273-3771

The Borough does not pick up these items. Residents should bring items to the site along with proof of Chester County residency (driver's license). Lanchester will only accept three items per visit.