LED Lighting

Borough Hall

In 2013, when the new Borough Hall building was constructed, the Borough started to incorporate greener energy practices and equipment into the building. 

Borough Hall features energy efficient measures such as:

  • Timed lighting
  • Energy efficient HVAC system
  • Equipped with conduits to support solar panels to be installed at a later date

Downtown Lighting

With our Town Center being a bustling part of our community, the Borough wanted to ensure that all lighting was converted to energy efficient bulbs.

Some of the replacements that have been made are:

  • All light poles in the Borough parking lots have been converted to LED bulbs
  • All holiday decor put up downtown as been converted to LED bulbs and light strands
  • In 2018/2019 all traffic signals were converted to LED signals


In 2018, a Borough-wide project was started with the assistance of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission to procure LED light bulbs and replace all standard bulbs in our light poles. 

The Borough is home to nearly 1,400 light poles, and each one has now been converted to an LED light. In 8 years time, we will see the impact of these bulbs not only in electric bills, but in the lower footprint they will leave on our community. Each bulb has a lifespan of 20 years, and as part of the Borough's commitment to green energy, will continually be replaced with the most energy efficient option.

The Future

The Borough will remain committed to energy efficient practices for lighting across the Borough. Here are some upcoming efforts:

  • All future Borough projects will be built with LED lighting
  • Installation of Pedestrian LED light poles to be installed at Balder Park crosswalk and at Children's Plaza to increase pedestrian visibility to drivers.
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