Science Explorers

Mix it Up! 

We’re doing a club rewind by taking our popular after-school programs from this past year and turning them into a fun-filled, week-long camp with different themes each day, including slime, atomic art, popping chemistry, the science of sound, and oozy, odd, outrageous animals. In our ½ day camp we’ll mix up magnetic slime, get loud as we make thunder cups and musical chimes, investigate the anatomy of frogs, build spin art machines, blast off film canister rockets, and make yummy ice cream. Stay for the full day (or come for just the afternoon) and we’ll continue the fun as we make a tornado in a bottle, create bubble blowers, mix up even more slime, explore optical illusions and make sun prints, build our own instruments, and make fizzy bath poppers and fizzing CO2 reactions.

Location: Civic Center

Dates: August 10-14

Ages: 7-11

Times: 9am-12pm

Cost: $229.00

On-line Registration:  Contact: 1-877-870-9517

science explorers camp