Borough Manager

The Borough Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the Borough, appointed by the Borough Council, and oversees the management and operations of all Borough departments and services.

Duties & Responsibilities

In a Council-Manager form of government, the Borough Council sets policy and the Borough Manager manages the day-to-day administration of Borough government which includes:

  • Assisting the Borough Council in establishing Borough-wide goals and policies and ensures that Council directions are implemented
  • Preparing the municipal budget for approval by the Borough Council
  • Providing information to the community on Borough programs, services, activities and community issues
  • Coordinates with other local and regional agencies in order to promote and protect the interests of the Borough and ensure the efficient delivery of services to the community
  • Works closely with state, county, and other elected officials and represents Borough Council at various governmental functions
  • Promotes the economic vitality of the community through economic development and redevelopment efforts
  • Provides special administrative attention, oversight, and tracking to ensure critical milestones are met on Borough priorities

The Borough Manager is the official Right-to-Know officer and is responsible for responding to public requests for information as stipulated by Pennsylvania Right to Know Law.

Assistant Borough Manager

The Assistant Borough Manager oversees Public Engagement and Communications, Economic and Community Development and overall Administration.
Other duties include:

  • Administration and coordination of Department programs, services, and activities
  • High-level administrative duties, including legislative analysis, internal organizational issues, and representing the Borough on outside committees
  • Research, implement and maintain projects of special nature that have Borough-wide significance
  • Serve as Acting Borough Manager when assigned