PXV Inside Out Open Air Experience

May 26th, 2023 through October 9th, 2023

Hours of Operation:

Businesses will be permitted to set up in the closed sidewalk and roadway for the following hours:

Fridays: 4pm - 11pm
Saturday/Sunday: 7am – 11pm

No Parking 

100 and 200 block of Bridge Street from 2pm Friday through 7am Monday

Road Closed 

100 and 200 blocks of Bridge Street from 2pm Friday through 7am Monday.
The Main and Bridge Street parking lot will also be closed for the duration of the road closure.

Main Street and Gay Street will remain open. 

Borough Documents

applications may be submitted as of April 3, 2023

Set Up Options:

  1. Sidewalk Café - If you are a food business that has been or currently is eligible for a sidewalk café permit, and do not want to participate or are not eligible for an open-air set up permit, you may apply to have a sidewalk café permit. 
  2. Open-Air Set Up (Non-Food Business) - If you are a non-food business located on the 100 and 200 blocks of Bridge Street and you wish to have a set up extension in front of your store-front, you may apply for just an open-air set up permit.
  3. Sidewalk Café/Open-Air Set Up Permit -  This is an option that combines a sidewalk café and an open-air set up permit for food businesses located on the 100 and 200 block of Bridge Street. This would allow businesses to set up on days where the open-air set up closures are not taking place (Mondays at 7am to Fridays at 2pm), as well as during the open-air set up permit hours of operation (see below). 

All three of these options will use the same application - just check all permit type boxes that apply to specify which of these permits you wish to obtain.

PLEASE NOTE: You must receive approval before setting up. Submitting an application and insurance certificate does not give you automatic approval.

Sidewalk Café set ups may begin April 3rd, 2023
Open-air set ups will begin on May 26th, 2023

To Apply: 

  1. Complete the application.
  2. Email in a copy of your completed application and a copy of your liability insurance certificate, naming the Borough as additionally insured, to manager@phoenixville.org 
    1. If you have already submitted a valid certificate of insurance, please make sure to let staff know in your submission email.
  3. Borough Staff will review your application and be in touch on how to pay the permit application fee of $25.00.